Ghost Mannequin


The ghost mannequin service is an essential photo editing solution that is consistently required by nearly all fashion brands on a daily basis. It serves as a crucial element in minimizing your expenses in various ways. Proficiently implementing the ghost mannequin effect can prove highly beneficial for your business on multiple fronts, which explains the substantial surge in the demand for online ghost mannequin service providers in recent years. Partner with Clipping Path Service Asia for the photo results you've always envisioned.

Ghost Mannequin Services

Among the various photo editing services available, the Ghost Mannequin service stands out as a means to enhance the quality of product images. It is an indispensable tool for fashion brands, imparting a striking and business-friendly appearance to clothing photos. This not only leads to significant cost savings but also provides customers with a precise representation of the garments they are viewing.

While the Ghost Mannequin service can be applied to various types of clothing and accessories, the process and resulting effect remain largely consistent. This service is suitable for a wide range of apparel and ornaments, ensuring a three-dimensional visual impact that elevates the overall image aesthetics. Consequently, online retailers are increasingly turning to ghost mannequin service providers, marking a notable uptick in their utilization compared to the past.

What is ghost mannequin?

Ghost mannequin is a technique that eliminates the model or dummy from dresses or accessories. It gives the product a 2D or 3D vision or outlook. E-commerce businesses mostly, designer clothing brands, photographers, magazines, and several online vendors take this service.


How do we provide these expert Ghost Mannequin services?

The ghost mannequin service cannot be performed using just a single image of a dress. For instance, if you send us a front view image of a dress with a mannequin or a model wearing it, that alone is insufficient. We require the part of the image that covers the neck area, which is obscured by the mannequin or model.


Here's how the neck joint service operates: When we have the neck portion, we begin by removing the mannequin or model. Subsequently, we seamlessly integrate the neck part with the section where the mannequin was removed. This process is what enables us to achieve a 3D appearance for the dress. Our skilled experts follow these straightforward steps:

1. Eliminate any unwanted objects from the images.
2. Isolate the sections containing the target objects in the images.
3. Remove any artifacts from the dress images.
4. Seamlessly combine various parts of the images where necessary.
5. Conduct a final check to ensure everything appears flawless.

Upon completing these tasks, the dress will appear hollow, with no model or mannequin visible. Essentially, it will give the impression that someone is wearing the dress, albeit the person wearing it is invisible (as we have removed them). In other words, this process guarantees a 3D effect, allowing anyone to visualize how they would look wearing the dress.

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Ghost Mannequin Service for Product Photography

Frequently, individuals request Ghost Mannequin Services to present their clothing items elegantly on online stores and elsewhere. However, this approach is not limited to just clothing; it extends to various products, which is quite common. For instance, in addition to clothing, you can also seek Ghost Mannequin Services for items like watches, bracelets, and similar products.

If you were to simply upload a picture of a watch placed on a table, it wouldn't be the most effective presentation, as viewers wouldn't see both parts clearly. However, if you initially capture an image of the watch being worn on someone's hand and then remove the hand from the picture using the ghost mannequin effect, it will result in a more sophisticated presentation of the watch. The rationale behind this is that, after applying the ghost mannequin effect, viewers will be able to see both components of the watch and envision how it would look when worn.

Likewise, you can request ghost mannequin services for any hand-worn ornaments or accessories. It's important to note that the ghost mannequin effect significantly enhances the value of product images, which is why many brands now heavily rely on this service. Unleash your photo's potential with Clipping Path Service Asia - Your vision, our expertise.