Raster To Vector Conversion Services


Overview of Vectorization

The process of transforming raster graphics into vector graphics is commonly referred to as Vectorization. In this context, raster graphics involve the conversion of images into pixel-based representations. Numerous applications are available for performing vectorization, utilizing various software tools. These software programs primarily employ advanced algorithms to analyze the patterns in raster images and subsequently convert them into vector formats. This is the fundamental process involved in vectorization. Partner with Clipping Path Service Asia for the photo results you've always envisioned.

There are several software options available for vector conversion:

1. Easy Trace: This software is compatible with Windows and doesn't require emulation. It offers a zoom capability of up to 12800 times, which surpasses the maximum zoom limits supported by most other software. Easy Trace also allows for limitless documents and includes features like thumbnails and image adjustment capabilities.

2. Wise Image: Wise Image software is designed for Windows and shares similarities with Easy Trace, such as support for limitless documents, thumbnails, and image adjustment features.

3. Potrace: Potrace is a free software that can be used on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Amiga OS, without the need for emulation. It specializes in converting bitmap images into smooth and scalable vector images.

4. Freehand: This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, without requiring emulation. Freehand stands out for not having color management requirements for print, unlike some other applications.

5. Autohand: Autohand is an older software solution for vector conversion. It runs on both Linux and Windows platforms and is specifically designed to convert bitmap images into vector formats.



Uses of Vector conversion:

• To create a graphic-based drawings.
• To get sharp modern graphical design than old design.
• To scale the image correctly and maintaining the resolution.


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